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Ray Coleiro, 9:27am   


Dear Friend


I'm not exaggerating. YOU can transform your dog's behavior in less than 7days!.... If you follow the proven 4-step training system that I'm about to reveal to you.


You don't realize it yet, but by the time you have finished reading this, you’re going to learn exactly how you can put an end to the annoyance, and stress caused by your dogs’ behavior or training problems. 


STOP for a minute! Ask yourself….. “Have you ever dreamt about having the perfectly behaved and trained dog?”


 Sure, every dog owner has dreamt about having the perfectly behaved best friend, haven’t they?


For some, it’s about having the best In-Home doggie that is perfectly toilet trained. While for others it’s about having the perfectly behaved dog while their out for a walk or at the local park. 


What ever your particular dream, sometimes behavior problems like jumping, chewing, aggression or even potty training problems etc can really get in the way of realizing that dream, can’t it?


Owning a doggie that has a list of annoying training or behavior related problems can really be frustrating don’t you agree?


Hang on a minute.... Before you keep reading on, 

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Inside the 10-part Dog Training Masters Mini-Course, you will discover:

  • How To Interpret your Dogs Behavior

  • How To Change Your Dog's Temperament

  • Common Behavioral Problems in dogs, eg Chewing, Digging, Biting etc

  • The Benefits of Obedience Training

  • All about Aggression in Dogs

  • Why Dog Training sometimes FAILS!

  • Plus much much more

Every couple of days, you will receive via E-Mail, a chapter from the Mini-Course.

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So do you currently have a dog that’s proving difficult to train right now?


Well if you do, then you’ll know what I mean!


Our doggies are our best friends, and our companions for life, and we love them to bits. But sometimes they can drive us crazy with the things they get up to.


 Let’s face it, if you come home from work one night, it’s late, and you’re tired and need to put your feet up. You open the front door only to discover that your dog has chewed up and destroyed one of your most expensive leather shoes, a pillow, and ripped up your favorite white business shirt. You’d be a little mad wouldn’t you? 


Or what if you have guests over to your place for dinner, and your dog just won’t leave them alone and uncontrollably jumps up all over them. Or what about having one of your important guests actually step in the poop, of your non-housetrained doggie – How embarrassing would that be? And imagine having to clean that up in front of your guests!


Hey, what if at 2am every night, your beloved doggie decides to bark constantly. Then he comes in to your room where you are still trying to sleep. He pulls the bed covers off and mouths on your arm and then your leg, in an attempt to get you to go and play.  


OK,  So you probably think I’m making these up? Well think again, as these were REAL problems some of my customers actually went through!


Now, your particular story may or may not be similar to these ones, but either way you get the idea, right?   

No matter what the behavior though, you’d be annoyed, stressed, and possibly even angry with your dogs’ behavior, wouldn’t you?


Well, you’re not the only one!


Here’s a FACT for you… “77% of all dog owners are frustrated with their dogs due to one or more behavior problems”. And what’s more revealing is that “93% of all training and behavior problems can be easily solved by using a series of simple dog training techniques”………


So what’s the Answer?

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STOP! Let me ask you this…. If YOU could, would you rather learn how to solve your own dogs’ training or behavior problems at home, or would you rather break into your hard earned savings bank account for the $250 plus you’ll need to get someone out to do it for you?


If you’re anything like me, then of course you’d rather save having to fork out the $250 plus, and learn how to do it yourself.


So the big question is, “How can you train your dog at home and Stop all those annoying behavior problems?”


I’ll get to that in a little bit, but first, think about what it is that’s really bothering you about your dog at the moment. Perhaps it is that your dog refuses to potty in the right place, or is chewing everything in your home etc.. What ever the problem, now ask your self, how good would it feel to finally solve that problem once and for all?


It would be fantastic wouldn’t it?


Now, let me ask you this question…


“Are you ready to finally discover how you can STOP this behavior and transform your dog into the perfectly behaved and trained dog that you have always dreamt about having?”


If you answered YES, and you are genuinely ready, then by the time you have finished reading this letter you’ll be AMAZED at how easy and simple it can be for you!


Just Imagine what it would feel like to finally Solve the problem behavior that’s been annoying you all this time. Wouldn’t that be great?


Well you’re only minutes away from achieving this………Can you see why I am so excited for YOU?


And Guess What? All you will need to do, is simply apply my proven 4-step dog training system that you will find in my new E-Book “Dog Training Mastery – An Owner’s Manual!”.


But I’ll bet right now you’re saying something like,

“Oh Yeah! This won’t work for me…. Nothing else has worked for me in the past, so why should this?”


 Well I don’t blame for thinking that. I am sure you have been exposed to all sorts of dog training promises in the past. Hey, so was I in the beginning! I know because I have tried most of them.

To cut a long story short, I have 3 shelves of my bookcase completely crammed with dog training books and audio programs, that I bought on the back of a promise that they would help me train my dog…. And the results??


Pitiful, To Say The Least...


So what does all this mean to you? The good news is that I went out of my way and found some amazing techniques that REALLY do work...


...the bad news is that it took me about 7 years (since 1998!) to finally sort out what works and what doesn’t..... And then I condensed them into an easy 4-step Dog Training system…


Ok, so you’re still not sure if this system will really work for you and are a little curious about what my Proven 4-step Dog Training System is all about.


If you are like me, then you will want to see some Solid PROOF that this really does work! Right!


So here is a real life story that I wanted to share with you. I get lots of emails every day from dog owners asking me how to solve their dogs’ behavior problems. These range from a wide number of problems such as Toilet Training, Jumping, Chewing, separation anxiety, barking, digging and the list goes on.

Here's Doreen's Incredible Story!

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The following is an example of the sort of emails I get every day. And in a few minutes you’ll see why it saddens me each time I hear of such a story.


 A few days ago I got an email from Doreen Fletcher from Omaha USA. Doreen is a dedicated dog owner. She, like you, is totally committed to giving and doing everything possible for her dog “Millie”. But for Doreen she is becoming increasingly stressed out and frustrated. As you will see, little “Millie” has developed some problem behaviors.


She writes:


"..she snarled at me. I saw her teeth....she was going to bite me.."

“… I am totally devoted to my Pomeranian “Millie”, so don’t get me wrong I love her to bits. But I don’t know what to do. She is starting to growl at me when I try and get her to do something. Last night, I cried I was so upset. I tried to get her to get off the couch, and she snarled at me. I saw her teeth and all. I tried again, and then it was a bigger growl like she was going to bite me. I was really scared. I noticed lately that she wasn’t happy with me telling her what to do, and blatantly refusing, but last night really got me worried. All I want is to do everything I can for her to give her the best life I can. I live alone and she is my only companion and I am really worried about her.

What can I do. Can you please help me?

Doreen Fletcher”


I was really touched by Doreen’s email. She lives alone and Millie is her only companion!


Did you feel how important Millie was to her?


So I sent a copy of  “Dog Training Mastery – An owners Manual!” to her.


And here is the email I received from her 5 days later;


"...I couldn’t believe the change in Millie. No more growling at me....your book has completely changed her behavior..."

“… when I asked for your help with Millie, you really surprised me when you emailed me your Dog Training Manual. I read the manual twice. I quickly realized why Millie was behaving the way she was with me……. After trying the leadership exercises with Millie that was in the book, I couldn’t believe the change in Millie. No more growling at me, and she now does what I ask of her. Millie is my life, and your book has completely changed her behavior. You made a huge difference. Thank you so much  Doreen”



How was that for a success story?


But I guess you are still wondering right now, if “Dog Training Mastery – An owners Manual!” will work for you and your dog. It’s a fair question.


So this is what I did.


Before I made this available to the general public, I wanted to be certain that dog owners like you will get the results that you’re looking for. So for a real live test, I gave a copy of this book to some of my subscribers to test it out. Then I was flooded with emails.....



And to my surprise, the results amazed even me!

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"...the very BEST book on dog training..."


"Your book is with out a doubt the very BEST book that I have read ANYWHERE  on dog training. I have had five dogs during the last 30 years, the last three being my girl poodles.  I still have one 17 year old poodle. I have made so many mistakes and I didn’t even know. Your system has been a revelation in our home and your guidelines for me have been a saving grace. 

Thank you dear heart for being a great teaching!" 


Jodi Steinblein US NE



"He used to growl and sometimes nip at us...I can’t believe the change in him now"

"Hi Ray...Well,  this is the  most comprehensive teaching guide I've ever seen.  I can’t believe the detail you put into this – It must have taken you ages.  It will take me sometime to digest everything.  I know one thing; you made me realize the importance of communication. "Communication" is so important to a successful relationship... Already we have seen some great results with our dog “Rocky”. He used to growl and sometimes nip at us. I can’t believe the change in him now thanks to the info in your book. .  Your book truly is our dog training manual"
 Joseph Kurilech CA , BC


"...I have tried everything to get him toilet trained...Since applying your methods, he hasn’t soiled our home..."


Hello Ray

 "I have a little Chihuahua named “Taco”, and I have tried everything to get him toilet trained. I have bought all the other dog training books out there, and yours was the first one that offered a real solution. Since applying your methods, he hasn’t soiled our home, and that has been such a huge relief…and I owe it all to you!

I am so glad I found your web page."


John Stubilo & Family US AK



"We were getting tired of him chewing... we were now able to stop him from chewing everything. Your book was a godsend!"


"Ray, I downloaded the book and sat down and read the whole thing, the book and all the extras.  I couldn't put it down.  I learned so much and it has helped me to not only understand my dog better, but also correct his habit of chewing everything. We (my husband and I) were getting tired of him chewing everything so I turned to your book to teach me the basics. I am so grateful that we were now able to stop him from chewing everything. Your book was a godsend! I have owned dogs before and your book was so helpful!!!  I have read a lot of other books out there on the internet and your book was the most easy to understand and complete guide.  I have made a lot of decisions already as to what to do and what not to do while training.  I thought I knew a few things about training but I was really wrong.  No wonder I had so many problems training my other dogs.  Thank you for putting together such a complete easy to read and understand guide.  I feel so much more confident about being a dog parent and I feel that I will be a better pet parent now with the help of your book.  Thanks again!" 


Brandi, US, PA


"Your system has done wonders for us... now he doesn’t jump on us at all anymore."


"Ray the book was great!  Maybe I should have had that before we got Fletcher, you see we are first time dog owners!!!  So it is quite hard, but I would not swap him for the world. Your system has done wonders for us. We thought we would never be able to stop him jumping on us. But now, he doesn’t jump on us at all anymore. I am so happy I got it." 


Rosie Tamblin US, MO


"...helped us gain control over our dog that was once quite aggressive."

"Ray, WOW, you have done an excellent job with your book.  I came across your site through checking everything I could find on dog training on the internet, and would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone interested in training their dog. Your book has already helped us gain control over our dog that was once quite aggressive. Thanks a lot"
Mary US, CA


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Imagine this!


Imagine what it would be like for you to get similar results and completely transform your dog into the perfect companion. What would that mean to you?


Imagine having the sort of unique and special bond with your dog that others around you will marvel at!


Imagine finally getting all the answers that you have been looking for, and correcting any unwanted behavior problems in your dog. How would that change things?


Imagine all your buddies commenting on how well behaved your dog is, and what a great job you have done with her/his obedience training! How would that make you feel?


Imagine looking down to your dog, and your dog looking right back at you, and just by understanding his/her behavior, you know exactly how he/she is feeling!


Imagine having the ability to communicate two-way with your dog. What would that feel like? Imagine what the two of you could achieve together!


And the good news for you is……


To make this dream a possibility for you, a brand new Dog training manual was written called “Dog Training Mastery – An owners Manual!” For the first time it reveals the “4-Step Dog Training System”, which you can benefit from right now.


And this is not like any other dog training book you’ve seen…


Much of the information in this book is word of mouth – real behind closed doors stuff, which has never been written down in book format before. So you won’t find this information in Barnes and Noble, or in those cheap pet shop books. The only place you will find this book is right here from this web site. 

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But……………I have a Confession to make!


I am not an expert web page designer. I am not here to fool you with colorful graphics and pictures and a clever web page design. I love dogs, I love my dog – “Rusty” and I just want to let you know about something that could make a real difference with the relationship with your dog, as it did with Rusty and I.


So what should you expect?


The concept of communicating with your dog seems so obvious it is actually mind-blowing that we don’t hear much about it, and especially that it has taken this long to get it out in the open.


The funny thing is, that when you get a hold of this Manual with the “4-Step Dog Training System”, you’ll see how amazingly simple and yet powerful, it really is.


So will this work for YOU?


Still not convinced that “Dog Training Mastery – An owners Manual!”  will work for you and your breed of dog?

Well here are a few more comments from other Dog Owners that have applied what they have learned from this new book.



"Ray I wanted to let you know that I learned more in one night of reading than I had in many weeks of puppy training classes.  I was not happy with the dog training school as they could not help train our husky for specific breed issues.  Our Husky is 2 years old this spring and his name is Bouncer. He is finally receiving the training he so desprately needs.  In one week I have been able to train him to come and sit next to me without him playing the tag and try and catch me game. Your book has had a huge impact on us!

Really, money well spent, and thanks again" 

Laverne Ciantar US, CA

"Your book is excellent and well written.  We have had GSD’s for 4 years now and your book has given us answers to a lot of questions that no-one has been able to answer in this time.  The main thing it has really helped us with is shaping their temperament as there are so many different opinions we have had from different sources. We now have 3 GSD’s, our youngest 1 being just 11 weeks old so your book has been a real help. Our oldest GSD who is 4 and a half, Sisco, suffers a real attitude problem and acts like a grumpy old woman and your book has helped us sort her attitude problems out too!"
 Sally-Anne Grieves. US, NY

"Ray, thank you so much! It really is excellent, and well worth the money. Thanks for all the suggestions and precautions. You did a lot of work to put the book together and the canine communication processes has totally changed the way we go about training and raising our little angel!"

 Liana Sullivan AUS, NSW

"I’ve had a look through all your downloads and I’m very happy I purchased your material – its very thorough and practical. I’ve acquired several online training guides and yours is the most comprehensive – well done! I’ll be recommending it to all my friends"


Shelley Markin US, TX

"I love the book, it has alot of great info for my little guy that i never would have known. things that i am doing that are great for him as far as training, and bad things like letting him sleep in my bed with me. great book i love it. keep up the the great work"
Candy Williamson US, KY

"Hi there Ray, we just had to write you to tell you what a difference your techniques have made for our Labrador retriever. The reason we bought your book in the first place, was because my husband and I were struggling to stop our 'Molly' from chewing everything in site. After we read your book, we put in place the techniques you suggested, and now we have a completely different Dog! No more Chewing. We still can't believe it.. We just wanted you to know that your book has made a real difference to us"


Ron and Mary Holloway Melbourne Aus

"Hi, I wanted to commend you on your book.  It is the most informative collection about dog training that I have ever seen.  Thank you for all the time and effort you have done to put this together.  It is worth every cent and more"


Judy Collins CA, ON

"Hi Ray I Have downloaded the E-Book. I found it very interesting and informative. You did a very good job with your information.  We have a Golden, and the information in your book has already worked for us. And we have tried them all"


Lory Brewster US, OH


Do you Still Want To Know How You Can Do It ?


Well here is how you can completely transform your dogs behavior; powerfully obedience train your dog; and Quickly and Easily STOP any unwanted behavior problem!


Here’s the SECRET!

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You need to master these 4 essential Dog Training areas:


  1. Dog Psychology

  2. Canine Learning Theory

  3. Obedience Training – Basic and advanced

  4. Problem Behavior Solving


The good news for you is, after you have read and applied these 4 essential dog training areas, you too will start to get the results that you’ve been looking for. Guaranteed!


STOP! Guess what, it’s all available for you right now in “Dog Training Mastery – An Owners Manual!”.  You are only a few clicks away from getting it!


Want To Know What You'll Get?


Here is a sneak peak at what you will discover in “Dog Training Mastery – An Owners Manual!” according to the 4 essential Dog Training areas:


1.Dog Psychology


This is the unique key to helping you understand what it is that makes your dog tick!


You will get all the hidden secrets on how to fully understand your dog – this is the very essence of the “Canine Communication System”, and your dog will wonder what hit him now that you understand him more.


This section reveals all the answers as to why your dog does what it does, giving you the unique understanding that others have to pay hundreds or sometimes thousands to acquire.


This section is so vital because you can’t expect your dog to do as you want, if you first don‘t understand your dog, how he thinks, how he feels, what he wants and what he is trying to tell you!


Here’s what else you’ll find out:


·        What are the secret communication techniques you can use with your dog that can enhance and produce the best relationship that you can possibly have with your dog?

·        How to interpret what your dog is trying to tell you? This strikes at the very essence of 2-way communication with your dog!

·        Being the Alpha in your home is essential if you want a well-behaved dog. Master this incredible breakthrough 4-step process to show your dog that you are the boss, and enjoy for many years to come, a happy and well behaved dog!

·        The secret to getting your dog to behave rests in your ability to be able to “Think Like A Dog”. Become your own dogs’, “Dog Whisperer”, by using our tried-and-tested formula!

·        When choosing a puppy, they all look so cute, but you really need to know how to choose the right one for you. Use our secret sure-fire template to assess and analyze the behaviors of each puppy, so you can choose the pup with the temperament and personality that best suits your needs!

·        Discover how “Dogs Think”, using all the latest scientific theories and learn how you can use this knowledge to further benefit your relationship.

·        Learn all the intricacies of Dog Psychology in this comprehensive chapter – Discover what it is that makes your dog tick.

·        Finally Revealed! Discover all the secrets to understanding the psychology of aggressive versus passive dogs!

·        If you have more than one dog and they don’t get along, then this is for you! You will learn all about canine rivalry and the 8 possible causes, and more importantly, what you can do to correct it…

·        Use this Breakthrough 12-category template to be able to assess exactly how your dog is feeling! Knowing this is going to help you meet both the physical and emotional needs of your dog…

·        Discover one of the biggest mistake people make, and it has all got to do with how dogs are treated. The sad thing is, that nearly every dog lover is doing it unknowingly………..


  1. Canine Learning Theory


There are hundreds of books out there that boast about how to teach your dog tricks – But it always flaws me that they always seem to overlook the basics of canine learning theory.


Lets face it, when you and I first started our schooling it would be safe to assume that our schoolteachers had a fairly good knowledge and understanding on how we as human beings, best learned!


This is no different to our dogs. Yet so many people expect us to believe that we can use the same (Human) learning principles to teach and train our dogs – WRONG!


This is why you will succeed in teaching and training your dog, because this manual extensively covers exactly “How Dogs Learn”.


Amazingly, once you grasp this theory, you will be gob-smacked at how easy it will be now to teach and train your dog!


Here’s what else you’ll find out:


·        How Intelligent is your Dog? Use our proven formula to determine how to interpret dog intelligence.

·        Discover what it is that really motivates your dog. This will be the key to teaching your dog anything!

·        Learn the difference between the “Classical” and “Operant” conditioning techniques.

·        Discover how to shape your dogs behavior to exactly the way you want it!

·        If your intention is to train your dog, then you will not want to miss out on discovering how dogs actually learn! You will benefit from learning about all of the latest canine learning theories, as well as discovering all the various training methods available to your dog.


  1. Obedience Training


I hope by now you can see a natural flow to this manual. Once you have understood how your dog thinks and feels (Psychology), as well as how he/she best learns (Canine Learning Theory), we can now move into the more practical aspects of obedience training.


In this extensive obedience training section, you will get all the latest and greatest methods and techniques that all the master dog trainers pray you never learn!


These techniques are so simple, yet so powerful; you’ll wonder why they have been kept so secret for so long.


Oh I forgot to mention, you will not only get the inside scoop on basic obedience but also on all the latest Advanced obedience techniques that can even have your dog obedience trained using a simple secret hand signal!


Here’s what else you’ll find out:


·        Most dog owners try to obedience train their dog – yet fail! Discover the secrets to obedience training your dog….

·        Understand the three basic dog instincts and learn how you can leverage these instincts in obedience training.

·        Discover some of the mistakes some people make with leash and collar training.

·        Learn the secrets of clicker training!

·        Discover what you must know about reward training….

·        Finally Revealed! Discover all the latest house training techniques you can use with your dog and also find out the things you must avoid in this, the most comprehensive segment about House Training ever released on the Internet!!

·        Discover the most detailed “How To” when it comes to crate training. You will get a step-by-step plan on how to do it right – the first time!

·        Save time, and avoid the pain and frustration, by using our pre-prepared crate training schedule that can have your puppy well on track after only 7 days!!!

·        Learn all about the other house training methods such as paper and litter box training

·        Discover the secrets on how to house train Adult dogs

·        Learn how to handle some of the most common house training problems that you may encounter, and discover how to resolve them!

·        Learn how to teach your dog these basic obedience commands:

  • Sit

  • Fetch

  • Down

  • Come

  • Mine

  • Off

  • Bed

  • Stay

  • Heel

  • Drop

  • Potty

  • Speak/Quiet

  • Ouch

  • Stand

  • Discover the latest Advanced Obedience training techniques. Learn how to incorporate “Hand Signals” to your Obedience training

  • Learn how to teach your dog to Sit, Stay, Down etc, from a distance or among distraction, with a secret hand signal!


  1. Problem Behavior Solving


Owning a dog is not always easy. Dogs are by nature pack animals and are constantly testing the boundaries as to what they can and cannot get away with.


Sometimes that presents challenges along the way that manifest into a behavioral problem.


Whether this presents as a dog that Chews up your expensive shoes or furniture, a dog that constantly jumps up on you or your visiting friends or family, or a dog that is proving difficult to toilet train – The list goes on and on, and perhaps you too have seen a few behavioral problems in your experience.


This manual is unique, as we have already discussed because it exclusively offers the canine communication system.


Armed with this, Insider’s knowledge, you will be able to identify, assess and correct behavioral problems and shape your dog’s behavior exactly the way you want.


This manual offers one of the most comprehensive sections on correcting behavioral problems with most of the behavioral problems covered.


Here’s what else you’ll find out:


·        Discover why so many dogs exhibit behavioral problems, and learn how you can avoid them!

·        Learn how to identify and correct your dog’s behavioral problem.

·        These are just some of the Behavioral problems that you will learn about in this manual. You will discover all the latest secrets and proven techniques on how to identify, assess and correct these behavioral problems:

  • Dominance

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Destructive behavior

  • Jumping

  • Digging

  • Chewing

  • Chasing

  • Begging

  • Aggression

  • Fearfulness

  • Shyness

  • Excessive barking

  • Biting/Nipping

  • Pulling on Leash

  • Escaping

  • Coprophagia (eating own poop)

  • Plus many more…..



But What about all these other questions?"

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You'll get the answers to these and many more "in your face" questions:


·        Why do some people say you can never trust a dog?

·        Are those stories of dogs saving people from drowning or being burned up in a fire true?

·        Is it okay if my dog sleeps with me?

·        We love our dog so much but he has become aggressive and mean. Our children will be heart-broken if we have to give him up but I’m afraid the dog will hurt them. What can we do?

·        How do I know that my dog really does have feelings?

·        My dog cowers and shakes all over when there is a thunder storm. What do you think he’s feeling?

·        I know that my dog understands everything I say. I think people who don’t believe that about dogs are crazy. What do you say?

·        Why do people dress their dogs in clothing?

·        Why do people crate train dogs? I think it’s cruel to keep them locked up like that.

·        My dog won’t mind me. I’ve tried and tried to teach him to behave, but he just doesn’t want to. What can I do?


So, how much better would you feel knowing all the answers to these questions and more? Wouldn't you have a much better chance of owning a Dog that was well behaved, and a integral  part of your family?


That's why you should own this book today (in fact, you can be reading in as little as 5 minutes from now!). Don't you owe it to yourself, your family, and your dog?


So What's a resource like this worth?


To have someone research all this for you would normally cost you over $900 – and not to mention the time and effort involved. This isn't just some boiler-plate collection of answers, as you can probably see by now.


Everything is explained in PLAIN English. Which means it's dead-easy to read and understand. And it's logically laid out and in great detail.


The good part is that since I have done all the work for you, you can get it on a Silver platter! This book has already been a huge success with droves of other Dog owners buying it, and telling me how thrilled they are with the difference it has made to them and their Dog.


The increased fun and affection you will receive as a result of this information, I think you’ll agree, is priceless!


Which is why, as you will soon see, this is such a bargain.


For a fraction of what it's really worth and what it cost me to research, you could be reading it in a matter of minutes.


This is an electronic book (e-book) that can be downloaded to your computer in a flash. This means you can be reading it and discovering all these amazing secrets in as little as 5 minutes from now. Ain't that a hoot!


So the big question now is, “How much does it Cost?” Right?


Well, you could do what I did, and buy every Dog Training E-book out there – That cost me over $330! (And I still didn’t get all the answers!)




You could hire the services of a professional Dog Trainer that charges by the hour. Let’s see, that could cost you several hundred dollars also!




You could try and do your on your own, and then regret not getting the best out of the relationship with your dog if things don't turn out!


Either way, knowing what I know now, I would be happy to pay over $100 for this information……! It’s that good!


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There has been a lot of hype lately about Doggie insurance. Some good some bad. But before you know it, the pros and cons get mixed up in a mess of confusion and misguided facts about the simple question "Is it really worth it?". What would it feel like if you signed up for an insurance policy and then realized you mad a huge COSTLY mistake? Or what if you decided not to take up a policy, and your beloved friend gets ill and COSTS you a fortune in Vet bills? Either way you need to get the facts about this misunderstood topic. This special report finally reveals the facts!!  (Value $14.97)




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